Women's Transformational Leadership

The continual changes in our world, in our communities, and in our churches call for informed and relevant training – training that results in ministry effectiveness. Bible, theology and spiritual formation make up the foundation on which the Women’s Transformational Leadership (WL) concentration is built.

If you are seeking to increase your personal knowledge of God and the Bible, to further develop care-giving skills, expand your sphere of influence and leadership arenas, or cultivate your ability to accurately teach the Word of God, the Women’s Transformational Leadership (WL) concentration is created with you in mind.

The WL concentration is designed to provide in-depth training that is biblical, relevant, and accessible. Students are equipped with an awareness and understanding of issues that cause emotional pain and hinder spiritual maturity, becoming sensitive leaders and biblical shepherds who integrate understanding with biblical pastoral care principles.

We’ve listed basic descriptions for the classes and their contentĀ here. For even more detailed information on the classes we’re offering this semester, scroll down to the WL classes on theĀ syllabus page.

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