Graduate Credit Opportunities

Below is the list of graduate degree programs offered through Western Seminary which allow a Women’s Transformational Leadership (WL) concentration. To complete this specialized concentration students will need to take 12 credits of WL courses. 

Master of Divinity (MDiv) | 82 Credits

The Master of Divinity degree program equips you to engage in Gospel-centered leadership roles, such as pastoral ministry, chaplaincy, teaching, and missions. It presents you with other open doors as well, serving to meet ordination requirements for some Christian denominations, while also meeting admission qualifications for doctoral programs that focus on ministry or theology. You can increase the relevance of your training, and tailor it to your ministry context, by choosing to specialize in Women’s Transformational Leadership (WL) concentration. See our WL Classes here!

Master of Arts in Ministry and Leadership (M.A.ML) | 52 Credits

The Master of Arts in Ministry and Leadership degree program enables you to bring transformation to churches and parachurch organizations in a North American context through a rich biblical understanding and a refined leadership skill set. This training spans communication theory, biblical studies, theology, discipleship and spiritual formation—with the result that you’ll lead and serve effectively in a wide variety of global ministry roles. While this program is a great fit for support pastors or parachurch leaders, it is not designed to prepare you for ministry roles that may require ordination. Within this degree program you can specialize in the Women’s Transformational Leadership (WL) concentration. See out WL Classes here!

Graduate Studies Diploma | 30 Credits

The Graduate Studies Diploma program offers students an excellent foundation for a lifetime of lay, marketplace, or bi-vocational ministry. Its customizable core allows an individual to acquire only the skill or knowledge they may need to bring Gospel-centered transformation to their particular ministry context. This makes the program perfect for those who seek formal bible, theology or ministry training but don’t require a master’s degree to advance in their practice. Credits from the Graduate Studies Diploma may be transferred easily to fulfill the first year of a master’s degree if the need for additional training arises.

Graduate Studies Certificate | 16 Credits

The Graduate Studies Certificate program offers those with specific ministry interests a way to maximize their seminary training with a minimal commitment of time. This high amount of customization in this certificate provides lay ministers, marketplace leaders, and Christian educators with the skills and knowledge they need to bring about Gospel-centered transformation in their particular community. If the desire for additional training arises, credits from the Graduate Studies Certificate may be transferred into a master’s degree program. Students who wish to pursue this type of program, but on an enrichment (non-credit) basis, should take the Advanced Studies Certificate offered by the Online Campus.

Advanced Studies (Non-Credit) Opportunities

Advanced Studies Certificate | NC

As an Advanced Studies Certificate student, you’ll make the same course choices among available tracks as those offered to credit students in the Graduate Studies Certificate Program, taking the courses as they are offered at the campus. You can specialize in our Women’s Transformational Leadership (WL) concentration while only paying the discounted audit tuition rate. While you’ll earn no formal academic credit in the ASC program, you will complete Learning Units (LUs) to demonstrate progress toward your 18-LU certificate.