IGNITE 2020 Morning Breakout Sessions:

To act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with marginalized peoples, we must recognize our power and privilege; laying aside the messages of fear that cause us to react and respond from a framework of scarcity instead of abundance. It’s through intentionally doing life together that Jesus’ heart for justice will be displayed to all people. Arising to justice; to unite, build, and live for kingdom glory; for the sake of the marginalized is our mission. Ashley and Joy will share how they have, and our processing through the topic of justice relationally.

Ashley and Joy are friends, sisters in Christ, and co-labor together for the Kingdom as part of Joy of It. As a team they lead conversations and regularly speak at conferences, retreats, and leadership events.

Ashley Bell was born and raised in Virginia and moved to Portland in 2007. She is currently the Outreach Pastor at Cedar Mill Bible Church. Ashley believes that discipleship is not only an essential part of our relationship with Jesus, but in becoming astute, kind, loving, citizens committed to engaging relationally and lovingly with present social realities. Whenever possible she loves to take herself on dates to explore the Rose City. Peppermint tea, food, movies, Gifs, laughter and good conversations are direct links to her heart.

Joy Roberts is a runner, foodie, mama of two almost adult boys, and a former over-committer and people-pleaser who is learning the art of saying “no”. Joy spent the first 25 years of her life avoiding relationships with women. And the Lord has spent the last 20 years restoring and redeeming those relationships. What she once avoided, she now pursues. She is passionate about living each day full of joy. In her free time, you will find her working on a graduate degree in Biblical Theology from Western Seminary

Do you long to parent well by helping your children own the off switch, ending technology battles in the home?  As parents “we would never put an invisible cloak on a child and drop them into a warehouse with the worlds most deviant and disturbed individuals, but that is how we treat the internet!”  Come join us as learn internet safety tips beyond making your child’s profile private, including family filtering systems, as well as how to have the hard conversations with your children.  With the average age of exposure to pornography being 8 years old, I believe these are tools every family needs!

Abby Conger has been working with students in various forms for the past 15 years. She began working at Vancouver Church six years ago and is currently the Middle School Director. She is married to Guy who she claims is the absolute most amazing man! They have two sons Malachi who is 4 and Forest who is 3. Abby and Guy are passionate about pursuing God’s call on their lives and are always up for an adventure with the Holy Spirit. Most of all they want to always say yes to God and hope their lives point others to Him.

Want to grow in teaching God’s Word? Come learn about Bible exposition for kingdom transformation! Not sure what Bible exposition is? Fear not! We’ll cover that and more. This practical breakout will give you an opportunity to learn the basics of Bible exposition hands on, provide you with tools and resources to learn more, and allow you to experience an expository teaching.

Marie Dezellem finds deep joy in teaching and studying God’s Word and helping others do the same. She holds a Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies from Western Seminary where she serves as an adjunct instructor for Women in Pain II.  Marie works as an ER nurse and teaches women’s Bible studies at Yamhill Christian Church.  In the past, she has been a program director at a Christian camp and a youth pastor.  She enjoys speaking, reading, gardening, snuggling with her cat, sipping chai tea, and traveling with her husband James.

Opportunities emerge in our everyday interactions to show and sow seeds of his gospel love and truth, but we can miss these divine openings due to fear or concern we’ll stumble or offend. This lab explores what holds us back from making authentic connections and offers practical methods to ignite genuine conversations through powerful questions and engaged listening following Jesus’ example.

Karen Howells is passionate about helping leaders, teams and organizations flourish. As the president and founder of the Howells Group, a growing organizational development consulting practice, Karen has worked as an executive coach as well as a leadership, teamwork, and organization development specialist for all sizes and types of companies for 29 years. She holds a Masters in Ministry and Leadership and Coaching for Spiritual Formation from Western Seminary and a degree from Lewis & Clark College in Organizational Development. Karen loves spending time with her married daughter, Rachael Price and her son-in-law, Luke.

Are you living life out of your God-given identity or your Father/Mother wounds? Regardless of the pain you’ve faced, you are a “Daughter” of the King and God wants you to fulfill your purpose. In this panel discussion, women will share how they exchanged their wounds for “wings” and decided to ARISE out of pain and into their Kingdom calling. 

Ushirika Johnson is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Owner of Hearts Made Whole Counseling, LLC. Her passion is to help men, women, and couples live healthier lives: spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Ushirika has dedicated most of her adult life to helping individuals confront and overcome challenges that keep them from living their best life. Her desire is to see a world where men and women are no longer bound by the shame and brokenness that resulted from “The Fall of Man” but, instead, are walking in their Kingdom identity. She enjoys music, performing arts, and beach getaways with her husband.

Arise and utilize your body to its fullest potential for the kingdom of God!  We all have been entrusted by God to take care of the body he has given us.  If we sit, we become unfit to do all that God has called us to do.  Holy health is the goal to equip you for furthering the kingdom of God.

Robin Mounce has walked with the Lord for over 50 years. While she does not always enjoy the process of sanctification, God has taught her that his healing is what keeps her intimately walking with him. Robin has mentored and discipled many women, including future pastor’s wives at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary (Boston) and at Western Seminary (Portland), and taught many Bible studies. She recently opened a coaching ministry, Visionwalk.us, a Life Coaching business that helps women who are experiencing personal, marital, or professional transition and are looking for a new vision for their lives. Robin speaks at conferences and special events about healing, intimacy with Christ, and purpose and vision.  Robin has been married 35 years and has three adult children.

Friends seem to come and go as we travel through the seasons of life. Some friendships are based on proximity, like co-workers, school chums, neighbors and church friends. These relationship flourish for a season and then often founder when circumstances move people apart. Other friendships are birthed through specific seasons of life; college, newly married, birth of the first child, empty nester, or recently widowed. Though we may have different kinds of friendships throughout the years, a true and lasting friend is a gift from God. In this workshop will look at the different kinds of friendships Jesus enjoyed and seek to learn how we can cultivate greater love, trust and intimacy with the people we call “friends”.

Mary Ann Noack is passionate about the Word of God as applied to an individual’s life by the power of the Holy Spirit and studied in community with others. Mary Ann graduated from Western Seminary with her Master’s in Biblical and Theological Studies. She is the Pastor to Women at River West Church where she enjoys shepherding women, teaching a weekly Bible study, training leaders, and leading on the pastoral team. Mary Ann will begin teaching a Women in Leadership class at Western Seminary in 2017. She has been married to Bob for 30 years; they have two grown sons and three beloved golden retrievers.

Jami York is a people person who also enjoys a run all by herself!  Deep conversations about spiritual journeys and connecting with others at a heart level makes her come alive. She relishes gathering people together as often as possible for food, fun and fellowship. One of her favorite pastimes is laughing and adventuring with her family, which consists of her husband of 18 years, Matt, and their three daughters (Adison – 13, Preslee – 11 & Ruby – 7)… and their 3 year old Lab, Vivian.

Jami was in Corporate Leadership Development for ten years managing teams and also implementing and facilitating wide scale management solutions.  After several years focused on raising up little ones, God opened doors for her current role as Director of

“All the feels!” Most of us know the powerful force our feelings can be. And while emotions can be helpful, when not stewarded carefully they can become tyrannical dictators, keeping us bound, unsteady, unfruitful. Come discover the secret to emotional freedom, how to rise above the shifting sands of feelings, and stand firm on the truth of who God is.

Kari is wife to Pastor Jeff and mom to Dutch (13), Heidi (11) and Justice (1). They lead Renew Church, a community of Christ-followers in Oregon City. She holds a Master’s degree in Pastoral Studies from Multnomah Biblical Seminary, and has had the honor of speaking to thousands of women over the past ten years at women’s retreats and conferences. She has five ebooks, and her new paperback book Sacred Mundane: How to Find Freedom, Purpose, and Joy is available today. 100% of her proceeds go to women and children in need through World Vision. More information at karipatterson.com.

Life and ministry present many crossroads; those decision-making places that impact where we go and who we become.  Our choices not only reveal the depth of our trust and commitment to God, they also shape the influence we have for His Kingdom in the lives of others. This workshop, drawn from Jeremiah 6:16, will equip you to Stand, Look, Ask, and Walk wisely at the various crossroads we all face in life.

Poppy Smith is a former Bible Study Fellowship Teacher, has a Masters in Spiritual Formation and Direction, and loves to teach the Word. Her passion is helping women thrive spiritually, emotionally, and personally through her ministry of speaking wherever God leads, writing spiritually motivating books, and spending time supporting women as a spiritual director. She currently writes a twice-monthly blog, THRIVE, that is regularly read by 1,000 women across the globe. Her website can be found at: www.poppysmith.com

I have seen death. I have held it in my arms while life fought for life and in one final breath, surrendered in helpless acceptance. And it is here we learn what it means to be human; we are neither strong, nor brave, nor fierce. We are simply small people in need of an exceedingly kind God. Come and let us “Arise” together “As One Who Has Hope!”

Sandy Snavely shares her love for Jesus by using her artistic skills to paint pictures with words and turn them into messages that matter. As a speaker, writer, minister to women, and former radio talk show host, she has developed a deep sense of the universal needs of the human heart; to be seen, known, loved and forgiven. Sandy lives in Gresham Oregon. She has two adult children, two incredible grandchildren and two neurotic cats. Her books include, “Ellie’s Window” & “Called to Rebellion.” (available on Amazon.com) Visit Sandy’s website: sandysnavely.net