Karen Howells

Karen Howells is passionate about helping leaders, teams and organizations flourish. As the president and founder of the Howells Group, a growing organizational development consulting practice, Karen has worked as an executive coach as well as a leadership, teamwork, and organization development specialist for all sizes and types of companies for 29 years.

She holds a Masters in Ministry and Leadership and Coaching for Spiritual Formation from Western Seminary and a degree from Lewis & Clark College in Organizational Development. Karen loves spending time with her married daughter, Rachael Price and her son-in-law, Luke.

Karen will be speaking to us from Ephesians 3:14-21. Here’s a peak at what God’s put on her heart for us:

“Eph 3:14 ‘For this reason, I BOW MY KNEE.’  I can envision the great apostle as he wrote this to the church at Ephesus, actually feeling the weight of God’s glory so overwhelming that he is literally pushed to the ground to his knees. From this posture of submission and worship to our great God, he specifically names every family in heaven and earth related to the Father. He is wonder filled!”